About Teppanyaki Ten

Based in Tokyo and Nagoya, Teppanyaki Ten provides dishes using only the best ingredients of Wagyu beef, Ise lobster, awabi and uni. While most teppanyaki restaurants tend to center its dishes around wagyu beef, it is a feature of Ten's to also include a wide variety of seafood ingredients in its courses. Guests seated at the counter and table seating, are treated to the live performances of the master chefs as they savor each bite of the cuisine at Teppanyaki Ten. Teppanyaki Ten is proud to provide guests with a luxurious time of pure satisfaction as they dine on the best Wagyu beef and freshest vegetables Japan has to offer, prepared teppanyaki-style to bring out the unique flavors particular to each of the ingredients. We are also happy to accommodate requests for anniversaries or special occasions for family and friends.

Teppanyaki Ten Nagoya

The Nagoya branch is located on the 13th floor of the JR Gate Tower Building which is connected directly to Nagoya station. Gentle indirect illumination brings out the warmth of the wood used in the modern Japanese-style interior, and the iron grill located in the open-style kitchen is a striking sight to behold. The atmosphere of Teppanyaki Ten is one of energy and liveliness. The grill-side counter seats always offer tremendous live entertainment, while guests seated at table seating can pleasantly and slowly enjoy a relaxing time at the restaurant. Teppanyaki Ten sources premium Aichi beef sirloin steak, along with specially selected domestic beef and the premium finely-marbled sirloin meat flavored with wasabi and rock salt which practically melts in the mouth. The sweet aroma of the sirloin that fills the senses is simply indescribable. This is accompanied by mouthwatering grilled Ise lobster and abalone procured fresh from Tsukiji market.

Teppanyaki Ten Honmaru (Tokyo)

The Tokyo branch is located on the 5th floor of the Shin-Marunouchi Building which is connected directly to Tokyo station. Customers are seated at the million-dollar view that overlooks Tokyo station and can enjoy its stunning architecture during the day and the romantic mood of the illuminations at night throughout their meal. Guests can enjoy fresh seafood dishes, such as the uni (sea urchin), awabi (abalone) and Ise lobster sourced straight from Tsukiji market, as well as premium sirloin steaks packed full of flavor by being cooked with luxury ingredients over a teppanyaki grill.