Teppanyaki Ten offers extravagant teppanyaki courses such as a course for specially selected Wagyu beef, Ise lobster, Uni (sea urchin) and Awabi (abalone) directly procured from Tsukiji market. A variety of luxury food can be enjoyed at Teppanyaki Ten's two branches; the Honmaru branch which is directly connected to Tokyo station and the Nagoya branch which is likewise directly connected to Nagoya station. Easily accessible from either station, guests will find satiation and comfort in the elegant warm inviting space of Teppanyaki Ten and be wowed by the depth of the flavor in each bite of premium Japanese Wagyu and fresh seafood.

About Restaurant

Based in Tokyo and Nagoya, Teppanyaki Ten serves premium wagyu and fresh seafood. It addition to high quality Wagyu, is a feature of Teppanyaki Ten is to also have a wide variety of fresh seafood available in its courses such as, Ise lobster, abalone, and sea urchin. Guests can enjoy the cuisine in the warm comfortable ambience and be treated to the performances of master chefs.

Restaurant Information

【Restaurant】Teppanyaki Ten
(鉄板焼 天)
【Seating capacity】
Honmaru (Tokyo) : 40 seats
Nagoya : 54 seats
【Dress Code】None


Reservations taken for 1 or more at the counter
※Online payment for course (with credit card or Paypal) required 3 days prior to reservation
【Payment method】
Any additional orders made at the restaurant can be paid with cash (Japanese yen) or credit card.


Teppanyaki , Steak
【Location】Japan , Tokyo , Nagoya
Tokyo , Nagoya , Teppanyaki , Steak , Sea urchin , Abalone , lobster , Ise-ebi, Wagyu , Reservation, Seafood